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Become a Research Intern for a nonprofit

We are Courage to Hope, a nonprofit that supports the fight against domestic violence in Ukraine. We are a small team of dedicated volunteers who work hard to support a shelter in Kiev. We are looking to expand our team with a Research Intern.

Position Location

Provo, UT

Position Requirements

-Coordinating research efforts with our team in Provo

-Being able to fight through red tape to get data

-Good quality of writing style

About Us


Prevent domestic violence cases by establishing a proactive education system in Ukraine, including our own building, staff, and course curriculum.

Core Values

  1. Resolute- We overcome obstacles. We do what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it.
  2. Hungry - What has been done is never enough for us. We always hunger for more. And if there is a better way, we find it. And we get it done. (
  3. Courageous - We act in spite of fear. We champion our cause with excellence and pride.
  4. Hopeful – We are optimistic, but also realistic. We aim high, but not stupidly high.
  5. Wise - We strive always to make good, informed choices. “Don’t do dumb things.” Dale Anderson

If you don’t feel that you can stand behind our vision and core values, you need not apply. If you feel like you can stand with us and help us move forward, click the link below to apply:

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