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Nataliya Gryschenko
Ukrainian Shelter Director
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Nataliya Gryschenko is a social activist, painter, lecturer, inspirational speaker, effective

manager and domestic violence awareness activist.

Ms. Gryschenko is the President of “Foundation “Harmonized Society” NGO that was founded

in Ukraine to fight all types of violence, especially domestic and sexual violence, child abuse

and combating trafficking in human beings. The scope of the projects includes advocacy

and awareness raising, education for building a culture of nonviolence, trainings, resource

development, direct service provision to victim survivors and perpetrators, networking and

community mobilization, direct intervention to help victim survivors rebuild their lives, legal

reform, monitoring interventions and measures, data collection and analysis and of course

early identification of ‘at risk’ families, communities, groups, and individuals.

Nataliya is one of the first activists in Ukraine who started to work with the domestic violence

perpetrators. In her work she always implements new approaches and technics to help victims

of different types of violence.

Working many years with victims of violence Nataliya understands the vicious cycle of violence

and is a firm believer that we have the power within ourselves to rise above our past and create

the life we choose. With her creative non-traditional approach, she shares ways that individuals

and communities can do more to end violence and promote healthy relationships.