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Alla Galych

Ukrainian human rights advocate Alla Galych is widely known in Ukraine and internationally for

her work on combating crime of trafficking in human beings, combating domestic violence and in

children protection rights.

Alla Galych holds two honored Masters Degrees and more than 6 years worked as a National

Project Officer with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe – Project Co-
ordinator in Ukraine (OSCE PCU) in the Rule of Law and Human Rights Unit. She was responsible

for the formulation, management and implementation of the office’s projects in the area of Human

Dimension field such as: Labor exploitation (adults and children); Combating trafficking in human

beings; Combating domestic violence; Child care system; International and Domestic Adoption

Systems; and Migration and Border System.

Within the scope of the project implemented by Mrs. Galych over 200 training events for various

governmental stakeholders, including law enforcement bodies, judges, social service providers,

local and international NGOs, media, medical practitioners, and consulate officials were conducted

with over 2000 trainees benefiting from these events. Due to Ms. Galych’s efforts, a number of

awareness raising and methodological materials were developed, including various manuals and

brochures. These publications were highly praised by different Ministries in Ukraine and abroad.

Elaborated materials were recommended for use through their networks.

Mrs. Galych has broad experience in cooperation with various actors such as international

organizations, government agencies, businesses and NGOs. She has extensive connections with

human rights protection NGOs in Ukraine, USA and Canada as well all republics of the former

Soviet Union, Eastern and Central Europe.