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My Whispers of Horror

Olga and Chris Brine, of Brine Publishing (links to their stuff is below), just published a book called My Whispers of Horror. It’s a book chronicling several Eastern European women and their personal stories of domestic violence. I immediately picked it up (and I highly recommend that you do as well). I’m going to go through each chapter and talk about it individually

on here. I’ll start with Olga and Chris’s letters:

Having spent time in Eastern Europe, I was fascinated at the juxtaposition of the two attitudes toward the problem. Olga speaks very plainly about the situation in Ukraine and Russia, and frankly points out a lot of stuff that is very shocking at first for a Westerner. Chris even mentions that in his letter. Most of these things that the women go through are so foreign to us, because many of us in the States are raised with a certain level of respect for others. That simply is not the case in Eastern Europe.

Both Olga and Chris talked about how the problem is getting worse, not better over there. Between Vladimir Putin’s legal enforcement of Church policy and the Ukrainian government’s terrible treatment

of women in general, Eastern Europe is descending into a much worse situation than it was before. And remember how I always say that there are only 4 shelters in Ukraine? That’s no longer the case. Now there are only 3! 40 million women, and 3 shelters! I hope you start to get an inkling of how important the work that we’re trying to do is.

I highly recommend picking up this book. It will change your perspective.


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