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There is no virtue more intrinsic to the survival of a person who has endured a hardship than hope. Hope allows for individuals currently going through a challenging time to dream of something better and to seek the resources needed to achieve this dream. Without hope, the future seems bleak and the current negative situation daunting – something that cannot be overcome. In the Ukraine, despite the passage of laws barring domestic violence in 2001 and amended in 2009, domestic violence still affects over fifty-percent of the total population. Due to the nature of this violence, many of the victims struggle to find hope in such a negative environment, particularly with very few resources available (for combining viagra and cialis example, there are only four shelters in the whole country!).

Courage to Hope seeks to help these victims to not only find a ray of hope, but to embrace and act upon this hope in order to achieve a better life for themselves and their loved ones. Each year Courage to Hope holds a dinner and concert in order to raise money to help provide these rays of hope to Ukrainians in need. This year, the dinner and concert was given a new name Hope for Ukraine – a name change to better embody the true core values sildenafil citrate 50mg online of the organization, to be bearers of hope to this population.

The concert and dinner are scheduled to occur on April 19th, at the Blue Lemon Restaurant and Café in Highland, Utah. The concert will feature a variety of

bands that will be preforming more traditional Ukrainian music assemblies. Tickets for the event can be purchased as either a package deal, the dinner and the concert, or as just a concert depending on the needs cialis good for heart and desires of the supporters. If you are unable to attend due to location or transportation constraints, it is possible to make a donation to the organization.

Courage to Hope aims to raise at least $4,500 in order to send a video crew from our organization to the Ukraine in order to provide our sponsors and supporters with footage of both what we, as an organization are doing within Ukraine, as well as what life is like for the population that we work with. This past year, Courage to Hope has established Art Therapy for many of the children within our program. It is through programs such as these that we are best able to serve the people who are most in need of the most important resource there is to offer another human, hope. We cannot do it alone, however, online pharmacy viagra we need the support of all of you to allow us to continue to operate and continue to pave a better future for Ukraine.